OK, so we may have stopped off at Le Pont de la Tour for a champagne (or two) and a cocktail (or three) which might explain why the last 3km is on a later Garmin Connect entry…

Here are some photos and my finish line video from Bank Holiday Monday’s MK Half Marathon:

So I ran my first marathon on 27 September 2015: the 42nd Berlin Marathon. Despite having done very little real preparation – you can see my running diary in earlier entries – I finished it in 5 hrs 27 minutes and 23 seconds. This time was engraved on the back of my medal which also shows the world record time set last year, just to rub it in! Anyway, here’s some video of me finishing as well as some of the photos on the course:

I just realised I hadn’t uploaded any of the images from the Milton Keynes Half Marathon early this month: