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Tricky run this evening around the Hagaparken: chilly and a tight chest (tree pollen or asthma maybe?)

We have also bought some Garmin Index Scales which are wireless and mean we can track our weight individually direct into Garmin Connect without having to use a watch and then upload from there; much easier.

Talking of which, my weight is down 0.4kg since the start of 2019.

After a flight in from London to Seoul and having been up for 22 hours now, I thought I’d brave the -2C to +2C temperatures to see what my mapped out 7km run would be like this week. “Hellish” is the answer: the first 2.7km is pretty much all uphill gaining some 500ft and just when I started coming back down, I discovered that the back part of the route was under hard-packed ice and snow. Ah…