Lots of niggling little injuries and my duff knee is playing up at the moment, so I decided to bite the bullet and finally swap my very old work shoes for proper running shoes – oh the lack of style! – to try to limit the damage being done: last week I walked 49km apparently. So I’ve deided that for these more organised walks – walking to and from work if it’s not raining – I’d use the Garmin and and some new all black Nike Free RNs so I could record the mileage and monitor the life of the shoes to change them at probably 640km rather than the 480km of my running shoes. I almost certainly won’t bother with ‘full’ updates like these for the walks though!

Black Nike Free RN

Black Nike Free RN

In case anyone was wondering about the lack of updates, I should probably let you know it’s all injury-related.  After the calf muscle taking so long to settle down, I’d assumed that following a bit of rest and all the cycling in Gstaad, it’d die down a bit and I could start running again.

And then on the 8th August after a long day starting at 2.30am with a drive to the airport to drop Alison off for her holiday, I tripped walking home from work later that night and I appear to have done something pretty nasty to my left ankle. Here are some photos with my right ankle in shot for comparison:

Yes, I should’ve gone to A&E to get it checked out, but:

  1. It’s a long way to St Thomas’ from where I am and I couldn’t walk, so public transport would’ve been a nightmare (and there was no Alison to drive me); and
  2. If it is broken, they’d put it in a cast which would mean this week’s motorbike holiday for me would be off, as would my two holidays next month.

So we’ll wait and see if I can run on it in Fuerteventura next month and if not, I’ll get it checked out in October.