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Well this is a tad infuriating. I ordered thoseĀ AfterShokz Bluez 2 bone-conductor headphones through Amazon at the start of October with the order being handled by Millet Sports.

After an e-mail from them saying they were experiencing stock issues, I finally contacted them last week to see if they were actually going to supply them or should I cancel the order. They replied, apologising but cancelling the order anyway! Curses. That’s about 3 weeks lost.

So – again through Amazon – I ordered them from SimplyRun. And guess what? Despite the Amazon order saying they had stock, SimplyRun didn’t and instead cancelled by order last weekend. Poo!

Now as I was just about to write this update, I discovered that the Apple Store has them … allegedly!

We shall see. The fact that the UK website is unreachable at the moment and that the US site is suggesting they’re on backorder doesn’t make for much confidence.